Pg. 37-38 Exposure of Different Litchi Culitvars to Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis Capitata (Weidemann) and the Natal Fruit Fly, Ceratatis Rose Karsch

Two fruit fly species are known to attack litchi fruit in South Africa, namely the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) and the Natal fruit fly, Ceratitis rosa Karsch. Experiments were conducted to determine to what extent C capitata and C rosa develop in different litchi cultivars. Ten different litchi cultivars (HLH Mauritius, Red McLean, Brewster, Fay Zee Siu, Three Months Red, Haak Yip, Wai Chee, Kwai May Pink, Souey Tung and Salathiel) were exposed to the two fruit fly species in sleeve cages. Eggs of C capitata were only found in the cultivars Brewster and Three Months Red. No pupae were recovered when 20 to 30 fruit of the different cultivars were exposed to C capitata. Eggs of C rosa were found in all cultivars exposed except Red McLean and Wai Chee and no pupae were recovered from any of the cultivars. When 110 fruit of HLH Mauritius were exposed to C capitata and C rosa, pupae were recovered from the fruit. The litchi is not an ideal fruit for the development of C capitata and C rosa.

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