Pg. 13-16 Phenology of HLH Mauritius and Wai Chee in the Malelane and Nelspruit Areas

Phenological patterns of HLH Mauritius and Wai Chee were studied in the Nelspruit and Malelane areas. The intervals between consecutive growth cycles were shorter in the warmer Malelane area where both cultivars produced two post harvest vegetative flushes before flower initiation. In the Nelspruit area only one post harvest vegetative flush was observed in both cultivars. A drop in average daily temperatures to 20°C and lower triggered HLH Mauritius flower panicle formation and floral buds became visible during June. Wai Chee branches that had young growing buds during July and August flowered well. All the growth that was initiated before and after the cold weather produced vegetative flushes while intervals of warmer days during the winter period reduced flowering and gave rise to leafy panicles and vegetative growth.

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