Pg. 75-77 The effect of different pre-harvest strobilurin applications on post-harvest decay development on litchi fruit

The effect of different pre-harvest strobilurin fungicides on post-harvest fruit decay was determined on HLH Mauritius in the Tzaneen area, Limpopo Province. Trees were sprayed with fungicides either as a single application 21 days before harvest, or as multiple applications, 63, 42 and 21 days before harvest. Evaluation of fruit revealed that Strobilurin X at 40 mt / 100 t water controlled post-harvest decay the best with 7% decay three days after removal from cold storage, compared to 18% decay on fruit in the untreated control treatment. Strobilurin X at 80 mt/ 100 t water and Strobilurin B also reduced post-harvest decay significantly, while Strobilurin A and Strobilurin A + Wetcit had no reduction in decay.

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