Pg. 38-40 Proposed Strategic Plan for Future Litchi Cultivar Improvement and Distribution

The future of the litchi industry, and for that matter any other fruit industry, depends on the producer being able to supply the consumer with the right cultivar at the right time and in a perfect condition. The term “the only constant is change” is well and truly applicable here and consumer preferences dictate the supply chain. In order to satisfy consumer demand and preference, the industry is dependent on a breeding, selection and evaluation programme that can supply the “perfect” cultivar when needed. The ARC-ITSC litchi improvement programme is committed to fulfil this need and therefore relies on close co-operation and commitment between the Institute and the industry. The presentation proposes guidelines as to the future nature of this co-operation and commitment as well as to strategies being implemented to streamline and economise the programme. Aspects of Plant Breeders’ Rights will
also be dealt with.

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