Pg. 10-12 Semi-commercial evaluation of sulphur free litchis stored in modified atmosphere bags

A study was conducted to evaluate an experimental sulphur free modified atmosphere postharvest procedure under commercial conditions. To do this, a mixed pallet containing both HLH Mauritius and McLean’s Red fruit was packed at a packhouse in Tzaneen and transported to Cape Town. The pallet was first stored at the central fruit terminal after which it was transported to a pre-packing facility in Somerset West. Here the fruit were pre-packed and marketed at a chain store. The results were generally positive but certain restraints still exist. An attempt can nevertheless be made to export a pallet of similarly treated fruit to Europe. A very specific marketing strategy will however have to be followed to prevent the project from failing. The initial experimental export consignment will thus have to be co-ordinated and monitored by the researchers.

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