Pg. 4-5 Observation on Controlling Flowering and Tree Size in Lychee by Strategic Pruning

There is strong interest in methods of tree size control in lychee orchards in Australia. Smaller trees are easier to harvest and insect, bat and bird control are more effective. This all adds up to increased net returns for the grower. This paper reports on the effects of pruning in summer or winter or both seasons on flowering and fruit production of cultivars Bengal, Kwai May Pink and Wai Chee over a single season in subtropical Queensland, Australia. A mechanical pruner was used to shave approximately 25-30 cm of new wood from the canopy. Flowering after pruning and fruit production were reduced by about 25 per cent, compared to non-pruned trees, with trees. pruned in summer showing the best response. The long-term benefits of pruning requires further research.

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