Pg. 13-15 Evaluation of disinfectant/ fogging and chlorine dioxide sachets to reduce spoilage of litchis during storage

A study was conducted to evaluate the use of a fogger and chlorine dioxide sachets to control postharvest diseases of litchi fruit. The study consisted of two trials. The aim of the first trial was to establish the efficacy of fogging, using the disinfectant PIO, and chlorine dioxide sachets under packhouse simulation conditions. The aim of the second trial was to establish whether fogging during the containerization and overseas storage period would reduce the fungal infection rate. In both trials commercial SO2 treated fruit was used. The results showed that fogging during the shipping and marketing periods significantly reduced the early onset of fungal growth. Fogging at the packhouse stage appears to have little benefit, but adds to the general cleanliness of the packhouse. The more important periods are the shipping and marketing periods where some form of sanitation would help reduce fungal growth and new infections.

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