Pg. 23-25 Last Call LFM™ – second year commercial trial Final report 2008

The field trial was conducted to test the efficacy of Last Call LFM™ , an “attract and kill” product, in litchi orchards in
Malelane, South Africa. The trial was followed on from the previous year on the same farm. This particular farm was
selected for the second year because of the distances between separate blocks. In 2006 it was clear that Last Call LFM™ has a “spill over” effect into nearby orchards used as control blocks. The aim of this season was to evaluate the efficacy of Last Call LFM™ by making applications earlier in the season before the litchi fruit moth population could establish itself. A more elaborate fruit inspection was also employed to test the integrity of the inspection method. The litchi fruit moth numbers did not increase significantly in the control blocks of this trial. The fruit damage as a result of litchi fruit moth was extremely low at 0.1% on average.

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