Pg. 80-83 The effect of pre-harvest application of chemicals on post-harvest decay development on litchis

The control of post-harvest diseases on litchi by means of pre-harvest application of fungicides is not a common practice in South Africa. Currently there are no fungicides registered in South Africa for pre-harvest application on litchi. The aim of this trial was to determine the effect of pre-harvest fungicide application on the control of post-harvest diseases. Three trial sites were sprayed and five fungicides were evaluated. At one trial site Phytex 200 SL reduced post-harvest decay, and copper-based fungicides had some effect. In general poor control of litchi postharvest
diseases was obtained at the other two trial sites probably due to higher disease incidence related to climatic factors.
Prochloraz post-harvest treatment effectively reduced decay, especially if combined with effective pre-harvest programs.

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