Pg. 62-63 Sulfur dioxide residue levels and incidence of spoilage in south African ‘Mauritius’ litchi fruit irradiated according to USA phytosanitory specifications and stored under airfreight export conditions

A study was performed to establish whether irradiation for phytosanitary purposes will negatively influence the quality of ‘Mauritius’ litchi fruit stored under air freight simulation conditions. To do this, the fruit were placed into insect proof netting and gamma irradiated at 5 rates (0, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 0.2 kGy). From the results it may be concluded that phytosanitary irradiation of correctly fumigated ‘Mauritius’ fruit of appropriate maturity should not increase the sulfur dioxide residues in the aril of the fruit. Nor should it increase fungal infections on the pericarp. It would further appear that the insect proof netting ought not to influence the quality of the fruit negatively.

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