Pg. 6-9 Preliminary evaluation of SO2 sheets to prevent postharvest diseases of South African export litchi fruit

A study was conducted to establish the efficacy of SO2 sheets and liners in terms of postharvest diseases and browning of HLH Mauritius litchi fruU. The study consisted of 3 trials. The first trial was aimed at establishing whether SO2 sheets have the potential to replace conventional sulphur fumigation. The second and third trials were designed to determine whether the sheets can play a supplementary role when used in combination with sulphur fumigation. The results
showed that it was not possible to obtain uniform bleaching when using the sheets on their own. However, the sheets were found to significantly reduce the incidence of fungal infections when placed in the bottom of boxes containing commercially SO2 fumigated fruit. Residue analysis indicated the sheets not to increase SO2 residues in the arif of the fruit. At this stage it is recommended that the sheets be used without liners after regular fumigation.

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