Pg.1 Is There a Future for the Litchi Grower

There has been a steady increase in production of litchis from 3 000 tons in 1983 to 6 000tons in 1988. The volumes of fruit that are being exported also show an increase, but it is significant that more litchis reach the export markets by sea now than ever before. It is also interesting that litchis sell purely by their presence on the markets.

No marketing campaign has ever been undertaken and no co-ordinated marketing strategy of any design exists. In 1987 however, farmers realised that cooperation amongst them had become important for the well-being of their industry. The South African Litchi Growers’ Assoc iation (SALGA) was formed and it
adopted a constitution in May 1988, on the same lines as that of the SA Avocado Growers’ Association. Mr Mike Tooley was elected chairman of the Association.

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