Pg. 39-40 Exposure of Natal Fruit Fly, Ceratitis Rosa Karsch, to Litchi Export Conditions

Two fruit fly species are known to attack litchi fruit in South Africa, namely the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) and the Natal fruit fly, Ceratitis rosa Karsch. Experiments were conducted to determine if C rosa could survive litchi export conditions. Litchi fruit are not an ideal host for fruit fly development and therefore loquat fruit were used. Naturally infested loquat fruit were stored for 21 days at 1°C. In the next experiment similar fruit were fumigated with sulphur dioxide and afterwards placed in cold storage. Thirdly fruit with different stages of C rosa were placed in cold storage. Lastly fruit were exposed in cages to C rosa and placed in cold storage. Each experiment had a control which was not placed in cold storage. No live C rosa were present after cold storage although survival occurred in the controls. Cold treatment seems to be an effective method for disinfestation of C rosa in litchi fruit.

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