Pg. 41-43 Clonal Propagation of Litchis by Cuttings

Branches of 12-year-old HLH Mauritius trees were girdled and 200 mm terminal and subterminal cuttings were taken from girdled and non-girdled branches 30 days later. Cuttings were treated respectively with 0, 5 000 and 10 000 mg/kg IBA (3-lndole butyric acid) and rooted in peat and sand (1: 1) in a mistbed at 29 ± 2°C. Best rooting was obtained with girdled cuttings. In another trial, rooting percentages of four litchi cultivars were determined when cuttings were cut in December. Cuttings of HLH Mauritius, Fay Zee Siu, Third Month Red and a Mauritius selection were cut and treated as described. Rooting percentages were determined after 90 days. Cuttings were transplanted into 8 t bags and survival percentages determined 30 days later. Rooting percentages varied between O and 83,3%. IBA treatments enhanced rooting. Survival percentages were between 30 and 100%. In another trial single node cuttings of 20 mm were cut and treated with IBA. Cuttings that received 10 000 mg/kg IBA have rooted best (52,5%).

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