Pg. 51-57 Evaluation of prochloraz and fludioxonil fungicides, applied before and after acid dip treatments, to control post-harvest decay and prevent pericarp browning on litchi fruit

The effect of different hydrochloric acid (HCI) concentrations and exposure times, before, after or mixed with prochloraz or fludioxonil fungicides, with or without coating with Semperfresh, on weight loss, post-harvest decay and colour of litchi fruit was evaluated. Results showed that dipping fruit in 3% HCI for 120 sec, before or after dip treatments in prochloraz or fludioxonil, gave better control of post-harvest decay and prevention of pericarp browning than dipping fruit in 2% HCI for 300 sec. Acidifying of prochloraz or fludioxonil with 2% HCI improved decay control, but was detrimental to colour retention. Semperfresh, used in combination with HCI and fungicide dip treatments improved post-harvest decay control, but alternative products with better reduction of dehydration must be found.

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