Pg. 12-14 Litchi High Density Orchard Management

Thinning of overcrowded orchards by removing trees improves yield per tree and orchard yield (t/ha) significantly, due to better light interception and penetration. It is clear that thinning is not the long-term solution. Ultimately we need to control tree size through pruning and other management practices. A new trial, looking at mechanical hedging of overcrowded orchards, will start after the 1998 harvest. 

Wind damage is reduced by pruning and by higher planting densities. Girdling of young and or stressed trees can cause trees to die and in this trial girdling did not enhance precocity or increase the yield of five-year-old trees. No significant increase in yield was obtained through pruning, girdling and pruning, girdling or mechanical hedging in comparison with the non-manipulated control during the 1997 season.

A single leader system with well-developed lateral branches has been obtained for young litchi trees.

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