Pg. 5-7 The Correct Use of Growth Inhibitors Can Become Part of a General Orchard Management Programme

The effect of autumn application of different growth inhibitors on ‘HLH Mauritius’ and ‘McLean’s Red’ production has been investigated during the past four years. The correct use of growth inhibitors resulted in a significant reduction in alternate bearing and ultimately higher and more stable yields. Ethephon ® and CeCeCe ® in combination, or Ethephon® on its own, are the preferred igowth inhibitors to be used. In ‘McLean’s Red’ the production of control trees was 19 kg per tree while CeCeCe R in combination with Ethephon®, and Ethephon® on its own gave productions of 24.3 and 26.9 kg per tree respectively. The use of growth inhibitors also improves fruit size in ‘McLean’s Red’. The best results for ‘HLH Mauritius’ were obtained during an ‘off year’ when the production of control trees was 24.48 kg per tree while CeCeCe® in combination with Ethephon®, Ethephon® on its own, and Sunny® gave productions of 44.95, 34.46 and 35.98 kg per tree respectively.

Abbreviations: CeCeCe®, Cycocel, chlormequat chloride; Sunny ®, uniconazole.

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